Oscar Niemeyer

This is the French Communist Headquarters in Paris. The Architect Oscar Niemeyer had a beautiful solution for good acustics in the indoor invironment.

Det här är det franska kommunist partiets högkvarter i Paris. Arkitekter Oscar Niemeyer hade vackra lösningar på hur man kan skapa god akustik inhomhus.

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Välkomna på vår workshop! Vi kommer att sitta med på Tidsnätverkets Kulturkafé nu på måndag den 3:e dec, öppet kl 18-20 på Utveckling Nordosts lokaler vid Rymdtorget. Vi vill föra ett avslappnat samtal kring en modell över Bananhuset där vi hoppas att alla ska känna sig bekväma att komma med frågor och idéer. Det kommer finnas kaffe!

Welcome to our workshop. We will be at the Culture cafe arranged by the Time Banking Network this monday the 3:rd. Open between 18.00 and 20.00 in the rooms of Utveckling Nordost by Rymdtorget. We’re hoping to have a relaxed conversation where everyone will feel comfortable to share their ideas and ask questions.

Hope to see you there!


Completed in 1932, the Immeuble Clarté (The building of light) is located in the southeast of Geneva, Switzerland. He was the first realized, multifamily building housing project by Le Corbusier. 45 apartments with double floor heights and a large variety of dimensions and interior furnishings were designed entirely by this famous Franco-Swiss architect.

how to create a sign of the different accesses to the building through a clever design.

→ We like the way to design monumental entrances: The size of entrances allows visitors and tenants to read easily the facade and emphasizes these particular points of connections between exterior and interior.

The last floor bathed in natural light.

→ We like the way to bring the natural light into stairwells and improve the quality of life in spaces shared with everyone: The units are accessed by two vertical circulation cores each with stairs and an elevator.  The stairs and landings are glass block and the entire stairwell is lit from large skylights, creating two shafts of light that penetrate eight stories into the lobby on the ground floor.

Natural and artificial lights are the object of an attentive design

→ We like the wide variety of architectural details in common spaces: it gives to the Immeuble Clarté its own characteristic and identity.



The building through the years...

Built in the early sixties along the ring road of Paris, this high rise block of 16 storeys includes 96 apartments. The demolition, firstly envisaged, has been avoided and a project of transformation decided. The project proposes an extension of the apartments in the form of winter gardens and balconies.

Each flat wins a new winter garden and a balcony

→ We like the work on the image of the building through the addition of a new facade in a useful way (sustainability and space): New floors, built as a self-supporting structure, are added on the periphery of the existing building at every floor to extend the living rooms and create closeable terraces and balconies. The existing facades with small windows have been removed and replaced by large transparent openings so that the inhabitants can profit from the exceptional view of Paris.

→ We like the idea of an open ground floor: The entrance hall was refurbished. The volume is freed of all useless rooms and installations to become a free and transparent space from the entrance to a new garden created on the back of the building. Rooms for collective activities are established on the sides of the hall. Two lifts are built to improve access to the apartments.

→ We like the process in the building site: The structure is designed with prefabricated elements so that the inhabitants can stay in the apartments during the construction works.

This is an emblematic project showing that renovation is less expensive than destruction and rebuilding. It’s possible to create a project with a contemporary architecture through innovative renovation.